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Washed Aggregates

Birdseye Stone
5mm washed, free draining stone. Uses include fuel tank bedding, bedding pipes in wet conditions as well as drainage where sand migration is a factor

12.5mm Stone
12.5mm (1/2") washed rock used in concrete mix designs, playgrounds, decorative landscaping as well as drainage

20mm Stone
20mm (3/4") washed rock used in concrete mix designs, perimeter drainage for your eavestrough runoff and also used in decorative landscaping

40mm Stone
40mm (1-1/2") washed rock used in drainage around perforated pipes and used by the Department of Fisheries for stream remediation. Also used in decorative landscaping, over fabrics and around shrubs, etc. Sometimes used in concrete in concrete mix design where superior strength is a requirement

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Bedding Sand/Washed Fill Sand
A washed multipurpose sand. Mainly used for bedding pipes and electrical cables in new home and commercial construction. Also often used for infill (inside foundation walls) and backfill (outside foundation walls). Can be used in top dressing fields and lawns where poor drainage is a factor. Other uses include riding rings, horse and cattle stalls and garden soil improvement

Fine Sand/Masonry Sand
A fine, washed sand used by masons. It is also used in playground sand boxes. Sometimes used to top dress lawns and sports fields. Also used for laying paving stones

Concrete Sand
Butler Brothers premium washed, well graded specification sand, used primarily in ready-mix concrete. Sometimes used by stone masons for rock wall construction

USGA Top Dressing Sand
This high grade sand is clean, consistent and exceeds recommendations for a top dressing sand. Used for golf course greens construction as well as maintenance programs. Primarily designed to retain the balance of good drainage with water retention

Bunker Sand
A very clean, uniform sand used for golf course maintenance, slightly coarser than USGA top dressing sand.

Fairway Sand
A fine washed sand generally used by the golf course industry for construction of their courses, sports field construction and maintenance programs, also commonly used for livestock stall bedding.

Stucco Sand
Produced to meet the quality requirements for the gradation specifications required by the British Columbia building code

Septic Sand
C-33 Modified Sand, a washed sand used in construction of new septic fields

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Navvy Jack
A mixture of 12.5mm rock, 20mm rock and concrete sand, primarily used by homeowners to make their own concrete, adding cement powder and water. It is available for an exposed concrete mix as well as regular concrete applications. Also available in the 12.5mm rock size
** hint: add a few drops of Sunlight dish soap to each batch of your cement mixer to give a smoother consistency to your finish

If the product you require is not in the above list, contact us and we can produce to your specifications.(Duncan Only)

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