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Crushed Materials

12.5mm Crushed Rock
12.5mm crushed rock used as a driveway and parking lot topping, fuel tank bedding and decorative landscaping

20mm Crushed Rock
20mm clear crushed rock used on driveways, parking lots, drainage and decorative landscaping. Also used in the manufacture of concrete.

40mm Crushed Rock
Railway ballast rock, an excellent sub-base for roads, particularly in wet conditions

9.5mm ( 3/8") crushed rock product with fines. Excellent for finishing driveways and parking lots, an excellent packing material. Alleviates the problems with muddy driveways and parking lots

4.75mm Manufactured Fines
A finer version of Screening material, also put in asphalt mixed designs, manufactured by crushing rock only, sized down to 3/16" minus. Could be used in riding rings and paddocks

Infield Mix
A blend of products that drains well but is firm enough for sports fields & riding rings

Stone Bases
Available in 12.5mm and 20mm sizes. Produced from crushing 100% rock. No sand or soil is added to the product so it stays cleans and packs extremely well. It contains the fines from crushing which in time will settle, leaving a crushed rock finished surface

20mm Road Base
A crushed pit run which exceeds Department of Highways requirements for new road construction. Also available in Department of Highways specification for "high fines" surfacing

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